Aims & Objectives

The National Library of Bhutan has the goal that all Bhutanese, wherever they are, will have access to both Bhutan's documentary heritage and to the information resources of the world. To achieve this, the National Library builds up and maintains a national collection of Bhutanese materials with the aim to provide an effective gateway to national and international resources of information in the near future.


The Library was established in 1967 and merged with the National Commission for Cultural Affairs in 1985. The National Library carries out the following functions:

  • Collection and preservation of ancient Bhutanese Literature on religion, cultural, history & social traditions.
  • Provision of facilities for research and other academic pursuits.
  • Preservation of old and rare books & manuscripts
  • Preservation of traditional xylographic blocks.
  • Promotion and publishing of literary works on traditional and contemporary themes.
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